EANM Cardiovascular Committee

The EANM Cardiovascular Committee is dedicated to improve patient care by promoting research and development and by promoting the implementation of new technologies in the field of nuclear cardiology.
To this end, the EANM Cardiovascular Committee tries to create and strengthen productive collaborations with other scientific societies.

The members of this Committee are experts in the application of (hybrid) nuclear medicine techniques to investigate the cardiovascular system.

The aims of the Committee are:

  • to develop and disseminate guidelines and recommendations for nuclear cardiology procedures;
  • to establish cooperation with other scientific societies, catalysing developments in molecular imaging and advanced imaging technologies applied to the field of nuclear cardiology;
  • to contribute to the organization of the annual EANM Congress;
  • to provide information in the field of nuclear cardiology to other physician, scientist, and patients;
  • to provide education and training programs for physicians and scientists interested in nuclear cardiology.